oneplus 5 – flagship killer erm sort of

So my Oneplus 5 arrive a few days back, I was flying back from Italy and by chance our flight was delayed an hour and arrive back to the UK at 11:55 PM, I tuned my phone on and was greeted with a tweet say “remember to set your alarms for 12 midnight” …. online shopping is too easy in this day and age, by the time I’d walked from the plane to security I had bagged myself a Midnight Black oneplus 5 8GB RAM 128GB phone for £499.

A little history, I had the original oneplus 1 (I know the invite system was silly but fun), then then oneplus 2 (I like cardboard 3d video but invite system as soo oneplus 1) but skipped the 3 and 3T….the oneplus 1 was hands down a flagship killer…FACT! my current oneplus 2 was good but was missing some functions I would have liked (NFC, Fast charge). From what I could tell of the oneplus 3 (and T) this is a good phone too. So oneplus 5 must me amazing right? Well its ok … flagship killer on price just about and dash charging, but so far its not totally blown me away


Screen size (inches) 5.50
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 1080×1920 pixels

Screen is ok, I didn’t get a “WOW thats so dam clear” moment, the colours are nice and with the brightness turned up its solid but not any better than the oneplus 3 (or 2 for that matter). The gorilla glass is 5 or something which is good and its the same size almost from the 2 and 3.


Processor 1.9GHz octa-core
Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

The heart of the oneplus 5 is the Snapdragon 835….its fast and noticeable from my oneplus 2. I happy with the speed of opening apps and switching between open apps. Feels a little lighter on the battery and doesn’t have that warm feeling on the snapdragon 810 🙂 A plus point

RAM and Storage

RAM 8GB or 6GB
Internal storage 128GB or 64GB
Expandable storage No

8GB of Ram is probably overkill but I can open everything and not have to close anything. I could do that one my oneplus 2 but of course I can open more technically. Bragging rights feature more than a technical one at the moment. 128GB thats alot of photos and whatsapp attachments 😀

Charging and Battery

Battery capacity (mAh): 3300

I missed the oneplus 3 but I am super please with the Dash charging function. I charged by phone from 15% from full in about 34 mins. I just wish oneplus would have gone for Quickcharge 3 or something semi standard….. but still its nice to charge super quick and also the phone didn’t get red hot while I charged and made a phone call at the same time 🙂 The supplied cable feels good quality as does the charge but remember you have to use this charger to get the Dash function, i’ll test on my old charger to see what thats like and report back.

build quality

Its built really well, feels solid and really nice, its a little slippery in dry hands but I alway put my phones in a gel case which help this issue. so far no complaints with the build. It feels lighter than my oneplus 2 which is good and the metal outer is a welcome break from the oh so popular sandstone 🙂


Operating System Android 7.1.1
Skin OxygenOS

This is a plus point, its light and snappy with minimal junk installed, there is the oneplus forum app and then the rest is very stock which suits me to a tee. Its running the latest version of Oxygen ROM which is based off of Android 7.1.1. My only ask is oneplus support this phone in 2 years!

Camera |

Rear camera 20-megapixel
Flash Yes
Front camera 16-megapixel

This was another area that was missing a WOW factor, I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I started the camera app to take some test snaps, Flagship killer wasn’t on my mind, yes the pictures are nice, focus is good bit I still feel the iPhone 7 users are still going to walk away with the better picture are the end of the day. I need to play more with this feature.

Member: 2000 loan with bad credit


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Yes, v 5.00
Infrared No
Headphones 3.5mm
Number of SIMs 2
SIM Type Nano-SIM
3G Yes
4G/ LTE Yes
Supports 4G in India (Band 40) Yes
SIM Type Nano-SIM
3G Yes
4G/ LTE Yes
Supports 4G in India (Band 40) Yes

Long list above, so far no issue with signal or connect devices (LG urbane 2nd or bluetooth headphones). Signal on Three UK and O2 on my second sim seems good, hard to tell from the signal bars but seems to have more strength. NFC was something I was looking forward too so I need to test this out at a local coffee shop or hold someone up while I try and scan my phone on London underground 😀


I am please with the oneplus 5 but not blown away, its a powerful phone but I think the screen should have been 2k resolution. There been a lot of news about it copying its styling from apple, it looks a lot like an apple but its still oneplus and noticeable. The Jelly screen issue is total rubbish on my eyes, I’ve tested it and I cannot see the fuss 🙂 bang for buck is still about acceptable but if prices increase I think people will be switching to other brands, I almost did and still keep a keen eye out for xiaomi 🙂


What do you think, are you on board and wait it still holding on a little longer?

Are you going to get a oneplus 5?

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