Python newbie to building automated Python tools for Data Science with help from the guys over at

Its been a mad couple of weeks at work but in a quest to skill up while on the road, I found this very cool Udemy course from the guys over at Pinata Consulting, its a beginners course covering Python and focuses on data science use cases (fear not, its not hardcore data science, if it were my brain would have melted).

This is the course on Udemy and taken from the course site it covers the following over 12 lectures (01:45:03 run time)

  • How to get up and running with Python 3 in Anaconda
  • Learn how to get Python to do more of your work for you
  • Learn real life applications of Python with different projects
  • You will learn in a conversational, friendly environment that is much more approachable
  • Apply your newly learned knowledge into any project that you can think of
  • Gain Confidence with Python programming
  • LIFETIME access to all course content
  • Learn to work with strings and numbers in Python
  • Be able to write loops and functions to make your code more practical
  • Create, update, access and use dictionaries
  • You will learn how to use control flow to manage your code intelligently
  • You will build a Horoscope Generator
  • You will build a loan calculator
  • You will be able to calculate and create basic reporting strategies

I found the course useful, well paced and a nice way to push my skills in a different area, so much so, I thought, lets see if I can get some freebies for the awesome subscribers of After tracking down the guys behind Pinata consulting, I spoke to Jon, one of the founders of Pinata Consulting (shout out to Brad too who is the other founder).The data science side come from their work in the industry and the consultancy they now run to help everyone benefit from their experience (and that includes Joe public, not just business). More courses are lined up from these guys, so stay tuned (I know will be).

So the grand reveal is……. the first 10 people to use the link below gets access to the full Udemy course for FREEEEEE thanks to Jon and Bran over at Pinata!

Click Here

Let me know what you think in the comments too


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