Orzly FlexiCase for OnePlus 5 – CLEARly a good case

So to protect my OnePlus5 from drops by case of choice are usual Gel (TPU) or bumper. I decided on the Orzly FlexiCase for OnePlus 5 as this was a sure fire way of making sure it would fit the phone WITH a glass screen protector on. Well the good news is it fits (shame about the screen protector but you can read about this over here) with a screen protector fitted.


The case feels like it should protect the phone from most bumps to the corner but for users who need serious protection then they should look else where as I did drop the phone on the front and it chipped the screen protector which was recessed. The case doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone or weight, with a little bit more grip than the naked phone (which is super slippery) . The USB-c port, headphone, mute slider and speakers are exposed and the power and volume are covered. The Rear camera which would normally touch if placed flat on a table are protected as the case is thick enough to recess them.

Over all the case is good, the ports are a bit wonky but if you give it a little twist while its off your phone you can kinda straighten it up. At the price of £5.95 its good value and hard to beat. It comes on a few colours along with black and clear. Time will tell if this case yellows over time but by then I would probably be on to my next phone. I wouldn’t mind getting hold of  Orzly Fusion Bumper Case which looks to have a bit more grip with a hard plastic back….. or maybe to Ottabox …TBC

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