So this review has been a long….long time coming. I was away on holiday and I received an email offering 50% off for a limited number of these TREBLAB X5 earphone via Amazon. I though it was worth a look as the review were not too bad and also it was via Amazon (so no dodgy websites)

What the official blurb on the TREBLAB X5 is…..

  • Small, ergonomic, yet durable design – Newly optimized shape for better fit, perfected Bluetooth connection, improved hands-free microphone.
  • Truly Wireless – The design is strictly for active sports people. No more annoying wires.
  • Crisp beryllium sound – With Beryllium drivers and the latest in sound technology, you’ll get fully balanced, responsive, and accurate sound across the range.
  • Microphone (with Siri integration) – Wireless earphones are compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS, so when a call comes in, you can switch seamlessly and quickly with voice control.
  • Big battery small charge time. Don’t be left in silence while doing sports in the gym—this battery lasts an amazing 6 Hours ( + 4 charges in the charging box).

What MY official blurb on the TREBLAB X5….

  • Small, ergonomic, yet durable design – I would have to agree that they are fairly small (Apple AirPod almost with a bend in the stalk), really comfortable and fit really well. I have run in them, used them in the gym and while doing DIY and they are great. The TREBLAB X5 do not move once fitted.

  • Truly Wireless – Yep, no wires that is for sure. I have noticed they sometime do cut out, seems to be when I am in busy areas of on the underground (tube/train) so might be an issue with Bluetooth congestion (if that is such a thing). On the right side of the TREBLAB X5 you have two buttons to control volume and on the left side you have the skip forward and backward. press and hold will power them on/off.

  • Crisp beryllium sound – Sound quality for music is really, really, no really good. I was using a set of monster i-sports before these and I have to say audio quality for music is much better. Base is not overpowering and mid tones are nice a clear. Volume does go from very low to ear splitting loud too. As they fit so well there is very little sound leak in and out (music to your fellow commuters ears and mine too) For making phone calls on the TREBLAB X5 the hands-free only through one ear which is a little annoying as its the left and I am right handed so always hold a phone to my right ear.

  • Microphone (with Siri integration) – yes they have a microphone built in BUT……they are not really any good. They are located on the top side if the little stalks but I have had several phone calls on them (running, in the gym and sitting at home) and every caller has said it is really difficult to hear me. I did contact support but sadly they suggested things that you would expect 1st line to do, i.e are they clean, have you turned up the volume, has the caller turned the volume and then finally said the main role of the TREBLAB X5 is for music…..fair enough, might be better to state this though as the air pods handle phone calls better (but are double the price)

  • Big battery – again I have to agree, on a single charge the TREBLAB X5 beat my i-sports easy and I can run for an hour and workout in the gym with out any issues, in fact I can get 3 or 4 uses out of them but the best part is the case has the ability to charge the earbud so with a simple press of a button they are charging away in my pocket. So its safe to say you can get 5 days use without seeing a microUSB cable 🙂

Overall……. they are great earphones for listening to music while exercising or just commuting. Really good price and well made BUT if you are looking for a device to make handsfree calls I would say this is not the TREBLAB X5 strong point. 


Playtime: Up to 6 hours 
+4 additional charges with Charging Case
2 Charging Time: 2 hours
3 Battery: Earbud (each): 75 mAh 
Charging Case: 600 mAh
4 Bluetooth: 4.2
5 Signal Range: 33 feet / 10 m
6 Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
7 Driver: Beryllium, 8.2 mm diameter
8 Noise Cancelation: cVc 6.0
9 Water Resistance: IPX4
10 Phone Calls: Built-in mic
11 Color: Black
12 Voice Assistant: Siri, Google Assistant
13 Earbuds (Each) Dimensions: 34 x 12 x 37 mm / 1.34 x 0.47 x 1.45 in
14 Charging Case: 68 x 50 x 22 mm / 2.68 x 2 x 0.86 in
15 Earbuds (Each)Weight: 7 g / 0,25 oz / 0.015 lb
16 Charging Case Weight: 21 g / 0,74 oz / 0.047 lb
17 On Device Control: Two Multi-functional buttons on each earbud: 
On / Off 
Volume control 
Play / Pause 
Next / Previous 
Siri / Google VA

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