Apple Watch 2 Misxi Hard Screen Protector Ultra Thin All-around Cover (twin pack)

When I got my LG Urbane 2nd smart watch, the Mrs decided she wanted an Apple Watch 2 (38mm) version to compliment her iPhone. Although we managed to save a little money on the Apple Watch 2 it was still a fair chunk of money to get knocked, scraped and smashed while sitting on her wrist. So I had a little search on Amazon to see what was available to protect the watch without turning it in to a G-Shock watch, like the Caseology [Vault Series] Rugged Protective Slim Shock Resistant TPU Bumper for example.

The best looking solution (by best I mean you really cannot see it) was the Misxi Hard Screen Protector Ultra Thin All-around Cover. At £7.99 for two it was worth a try and with 40+ reviews with an average of 4 starts thing were looking good.

So when they arrived next day (Prime seems to get used more and more in our house, try it FREE for 30 days, helps support the page 🙂 ) it was really nice to see that you could hardly see them, major requirement from the Mrs  🙂 With out the foam inserts I though I was sent an empty box, the foam is there to protect the rigid Misxi Hard Screen Protector in transit while in the box. The plastic protector is about 1.5 – 2 mm thick.

Fitting is a snap, no literally , they snap on to the watch in 2 seconds, offering up one side (with the crown) and then clipping the other side. All buttons, mic, speakers and straps are accessible and over all its a really simple,well made product. As you can see from the images below once installed its really difficult to see its actually on and doesn’t hide away any of the watches stunning design features or functionality. With it being clear it gos with any strap and any watch body colour config. Touch screen is just as responsive and there is no “oil slick” effect as you can get some cheap phone protectors. The screen still looks amazing with it on and  as the watch is water resistant, water can and will get behind the plastic but its 2 seconds to pop it off, dry and pop back on. There is also little ingress of dirt and picket fluff with this protector fitted.

Overall I am happy to recommend Misxi Hard Screen Protector Ultra Thin All-around Cover for the Apple watch 2 as I’ve witnessed first hand the watch taking a wack with this protector on and escape completely unmarked, the protector has picked up light scratches on the face but not enough to change it yet.

Pro :

Thin and Light

Covers screen and edges


2 in a pack

Fits well

Easy to Install and Remove

Water Proof 😛


Con :

Picks up scratches as its plastic

Can ping off when watch gets clipped/bumped

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