Orzly Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector OnePlus 5 – Pain In The Glass

Its been a while and it was about time I posted some more. When I purchased my OnePlus 5 a month ago I order the Orzly Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector and Orzly FlexiCase from amazon. Ive had their products before on my OnePlus 2 and they have been a good balance between price and performance….times have changed and not all for the better.

So the office OnePlus Glass Screen Protector retails on their site for £17.95 which at first seems quite steep when the average branded glass protectors comes in about £5 to £8. The Orzly was £9.99 from Amazon for 2 protectors, I though it was a little odd, I have never seen the need for twin packs but I though it would be handy to have a space. I know why you will need two and I’ll come to that shortly.

All the Glass protectors I have in the past have a really cool method of application, Clean the screen, remove dust and lastly peel of plastic back and line up glass. Once lined up a press in the middle and the magic happens, no bubbles and good adhesion (hence my OnePlus2 has the same protector on 3 years laster!) With the Orzly Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector for OnePlus 5 I was a little put off when I notice the whole screen didn’t have the adhesive on, only the black boarders. On the positive side it will be impossible to get bubbles but if it does not stick properly then dust will collect and collect it did 🙁

After cleaning and installing the Orzly Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector there was an instant clicking sound in the bottom left corner of the screen….. its not sticking properly!!! I also notice and Oil slick effect in the middle of the screen when the screen is off and also an array of dots over the whole screen (why did I ever remove the plastic one already install for this). I gave it a few days and all issues still remained with the addition that these screen are finger print magnets too…. I installed the second screen protector thinking maybe it was just a faulty one but after 14 days in Sardinia my screen now has more dust behind it that all of my phones I’ve ever had in my life.

I emailed the Orzly on Amazon and was asked to produce pictures, which I did but heard nothing, roll on a couple of days I messaged again…was asked if i wanted to try another pack…..hmmmm from the forums and seeing a friend use the official Screen (which does have the Magic all over screen adhesive) I thought it was best to get a refund. a few more days and nothing. Contacted though Amazon and it seems they were not getting my replies and emails….strange….so a new set was finally sent out but I know I will be looking for replacement ones in a few weeks tops as I’ve got the clicking noise already :S

So to recap

1) Cheaper than official
2) You get 2
3) Fits with Orzly FlexiCase
4) Looks identical to Official
5) Quality Glass – feels like Original screen

1) Smudge/Finger Print magnets
2) You need 2 😛
3) Adhesive is only on edges – No all over Magic
4) Orzly Customer service seem disjointed
5) Clicking NOISE!!!!
6) Oil Slick effect
7) Dots all over front screen
8) Boarders block lights and edge of screen (even when perfectly lined up)

Over all I’m not really happy with this product, dust build up due to poor adhesion is the big thing, shame really as I was a name I would usually recommend and not think twice about weather to gear up with on a new phone. I’ll think twice now.

Any one happy with theirs pop it in the comments below.

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