COVID-19 Tracker is a handy way of tracking the spread

head over to to get the latest number of Active cases, Recovered cases and Fatal cases in your area. The map shows regularly updated numbers for how many confirmed cases of the COVID-19 disease have been reported.

Areas affected are shown overlaid with orange circles on the map, with the size of the circle indicating the total number of cases. Hovering over a circle will show you numbers for confirmed cases, recovered cases, and fatal cases.

Here are the most common symptoms and the percentage of people who had them (thanks to

Fever: 88%.
Dry cough: 68%.
Fatigue : 38%.
Coughing up sputum, or thick phlegm , from the lungs: 33%.
Shortness of breath: 19%.
Bone or joint pain: 15%.
Sore throat : 14%.
Headache : 14%.
Chills : 11%.
Nausea or vomiting: 5%.

Remember to self isolate, wash your hands regularly and most important, don’t panic!

Official UK Government info can be found of their website

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