Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Seems like I’m always saying its been a while 🙂 but its been a busy few weeks. Was keeping an eye on all things xiaomi and I saw the Mi Band 3 as released, being a big fan of the original and the Band 2, I placed an order to give me the needed incentive to get back to updating techun.limited

so the Mi Band 3 vs the Mi band 2 is…

Xioami mi band 2
Xiaomi mi band 3
Xiaomi mi band 2
Xiaomi mi band 3
0.42 inches OLED display screen
0.78 inches OLED display screen
Screen resolution
72 x 40px
128 x 80px
Interactive style
Touch key
Touch screen + touch key
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Battery capacity
Standby time
More than 20 days
More than 20 days
Waterproof rate
Wrist strap design
Double color molding
Double color occlusion molding, solider


One of the strong features of the Xioami Mi Bands are they are perfectly suitable for keeping track of your fitness activity and come with everything needed to get key lifestyle data. In the tiny capsule you get a heart rate monitor for adjusting exercise intensity, a pedometer for staying active throughout the day, a sleep monitor for getting the most out of your downtime and a while other features on top. Xioami Mi Bands sync with your smartphone through the dedicated app. Mi Fit app makes things even better by adding in extra functionality: you can set workout goals, compete with friends (similar to other fit-bands) and more. The Mi Fit app is the same for all bands so no changes there, its simple to navigate and clearly shows various levels and distances.

While screens have not really been the focal point when it comes to choosing Xioami Mi Bands the Mi Band has the largest screen of all Mi Bands. The Mi Bands comes with larger 0.78 inches PMOLED screen that can display as many as 24 Chinese characters (0.42-inch OLED display on the Mi Band 2). Pixel density of 193ppi, the Mi Band 3 is a fitness-tracker with the highest PPI custom display on the market,which is also brighter than that of its predecessor to boot.

The mi band 2 come with 70 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and lasted for about 20 days, which is very good for a fitness tracker of such a tiny size. The Mi band 3 takes things a bit further sporting a 110mAh battery (which explains the watch’s slightly heavier weight, which is not really noticeable when worn. It provides a little longer usage than the Mi Band 2).

The mi band 3 is definitely more adventure-ready than its previous Mi Bands, thanks to UV100 coating anti-fingerprint coating and solid build quality. Rated for 5ATM waterproof protection, the fitness tracker can follow you to the pool for a swim or even a drive up to 50 meters deep — so no needs to worry at all about leaving the watch on  taking a shower or washing hands.

over all the pros of the 3 over the 2 are…

* Improved screen brightness
*Improved interface (now with added swipe)
*Glass front
*Find my phone feature
*Improved battery (bigger capacity)
*See who is calling
*Waterproof to 5ATM
*Solid Build quality

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